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Make Over Your Inner Eating Monologue

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It's been a bad day, so you tell yourself you'll just have one piece of candy. The next thing you know you're hiding the bag in the bottom of your drawer to get rid of the evidence. Train your brain against pity eating and self-deserved treats with these tips that will make you rethink before you eat.

Stop the Self-Sabotage Talk

If my life were a musical, it would be Annie. So I ate a bagel from the break room an hour after eating a big breakfast. I'll shore up my willpower -- tomorrow! So I skipped the gym? I'll work out extra hard -- tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar! Susan Albers, PhD, author of But I Deserve This Chocolate, says this and other cop-outs aren't just common, they're also self-sabotaging. Here, five of the top offenders and how to defeat them.

Stop saying: "I had a bad day -- I deserve this!"

Make this your mantra: "I deserve comfort, not calories."

The not-so-sweet truth about that Snickers bar: "Studies show chocolate's soothing effect lasts only three minutes," says Albers. To really kick a bad mood to the curb, she suggests treating yourself to a hot shower, a quickie massage (most nail salons offer walk-in options for about the same cost as a polish change), or just five minutes of quiet, do-nothing time.

Stop saying: "I already fell off the wagon, so I might as well make this a cheat day and start fresh tomorrow."

Make this your mantra: "My goal is progress, not perfection."

Albers warns against all-or-nothing thinking. "You want to exist in the middle ground," she says. "That doesn't mean eating perfectly, it just means sitting down, slowing down, and focusing on what you do choose to eat."

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laura.griffiths737 wrote:

This seems too short of an article for me. I have 1,942 reasons to eat junk food or overeat at any given time, so, I need help with all of those too.

6/4/2012 08:15:17 PM Report Abuse
a3984502 wrote:

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3/4/2012 03:24:56 AM Report Abuse
jr0sar10 wrote:

This was a helpful article. I have not been tracking my food or exercising this week and I thought to myself "I'll pick it up next week," but I find when I do this I just continue my bad habits. Now I know not to put it off and to just do it!

1/26/2012 02:31:06 PM Report Abuse
y.mama1 wrote:

Great ideas! I will try to keep them in mind and put into practice!

1/16/2012 09:37:45 PM Report Abuse
heidiaspen wrote:

I love this article. It truly resonates with me. I have been a binge eater for many years and I appreciate these reprogramming techniques. I'm going to print them out right now and integrate them into my life. These are very practical!

1/16/2012 08:46:59 AM Report Abuse

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