Body: The Plyo, Dance and Yoga Workout

Om Body: The Plyo, Dance and Yoga Workout

Trim and sculpt with booty-popping power yoga.

[MUSIC] Hey fitness readers, I'm celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, and I'm here to walk you through six moves from my DVD Shakti Sweat. I invite you to come sweat with intention. Let's go get our workout on. This next move is cardio intensive. We're gonna be keeping that weight onto that left foot. Inhale, knee comes to chest. Kick it back. [MUSIC] With knees directly underneath the hips, shoulders stack over the wrist we're gonna inhale lifting right toes engaging that right foot toes pointed, left arm comes forward and facing down we're gonna be reaching back of the inside of the foot. Lifting nice and tall. Squaring up the shoulders. Squaring up the hips. And release. Point those toes. Inhale. Lift and lengthen. Exhale, really squeeze those glutes. Inhale. Lift. Exhale. Release. Starting with the knees directly below the hips lets tuck the toes under, press it back downward dog. Feet hip width, tail bone high. Inhale, right toes lift. Exhale, look up for those finger tips. Elbows drop down like you're doing a tricep push up. Hold, take a breath. Exhale, downward dog. Inhale, lift opposite leg. And try look forward, tricep push up, bring it back. Down dog. Again. Inhale. Lift. Look forward. Drop those elbows into the rib cage. Press it back. Downward dog. Last rep. Inhale. Left toes lift. Look forward. Elbows drop to the sides. Exhale. Down dog. Let's take our left hand down to the floor. Extend this right foot out, knee directly over heel. Looking up toward that right palm. Right oblique is engaged. Shift that arm all the way over. Laying thin. We're gonna shift the weight onto the ball of the foot rowing back, squeezing that elbow back. Inhale. Exhale. [MUSIC] Let's come down to a yoga chair position. Knees pulled tightly together, abs engaged to the spine. Here we're gonna be executing a lat pull down while bringing that right leg out to the side. Make sure to have your tailbone drop down. Knee shifted directly over that heel. Lift it back up, chair. Switch. Chair. Switch. Chair. Switch. Let's shift that weight on to the left foot. Left fingertips are gonna come down to the floor. Engage this right oblique. Open up toward that right palm, nice flex in that right foot. Hand comes down, abs engage, lifting the left heel, right foot tucks behind. Inhale, lift it back up, shoot up that arm, hell behind heel, inhale, engage, keep squeezing the core. Make sure you're really lifting that left heel, engage, one more, shoot that arm up [MUSIC] Beautiful. [MUSIC]