Tips For Looking Awake

Makeup Tips For Looking Awake

Whether you've had a long day at work or lack of sleep the night before, here are some tips for looking awake.

Look like you got a full eight hours with these fast fixes for a fatigued face. Here's what you'll need: liquid illuminator, champagne colored shimmer eyeliner, and bright peach or pink cream blush. [MUSIC] Start by pressing a few drops of liquid illuminator onto your skin for an instant fresh doey look. [MUSIC] Run a champagne colored shimmer eye liner along your lower lash lines. It will brighten your entire eye area and distract from any dark shadow. Dot it at the inner corners of the eyes, then blend. Finish by rubbing a bright peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. The color will instantly add life to your face and lend a fresh effect. [MUSIC] Now you'll look fresh, rested, and ready for the day.