To Max Out Your Lashes

How To Max Out Your Lashes

Envious of long lashes? Not anymore! With these easy techniques, you can make the most out of what you have.

[MUSIC] These easy techniques will show you how to make the most of the lashes you were born with. Here's what you'll need: mascara with a large wand, an eyelash curler, and a spoolie brush. Before you start the rest of your makeup, curl your bare lashes at the base, holding the curler in place for 10 seconds on each eye. Sweep mascara from roots to tips of lashes using a slight wiggling motion to avoid clumps and reach every lash. Do the rest of your makeup while your mascara's drying. You can touch your finger to your lashes to test when you think it's there. Then gently squeeze the eyelash curler at the base of your fringe for a few seconds before releasing. This will give your lashes an eye opening curl. Apply another coat of mascara to each eye. Then run through lashes with the spoolie brush, to eliminate clumps and flakes, and to fan out your fringe. Your lashes will be longer, thicker and fuller than ever.