To Conceal Dark Circles

How To Conceal Dark Circles

Whether it's lack of sleep or a long day at work, you can conceal dark circles with these easy tricks.

Minimize all your eye area problems with these simple tricks. Here's what you'll need, peachy pink corrector, concealer, matte cream concealer, a concealer brush, tinted moisturizer and sheer cream concealer with pearly pigments. To hide under eye circles, apply a peachy pink corrector first. Then follow with your regular concealer. And blend. The peach tones cancel out the blue undertones of dark shadows. To camouflage under eye bags, use a concealer brush to apply as skin matching matte cream concealer, on the dark ring below the pillowy part of your eye, this helps minimize the look of bags. Then, blend tinted moisturizer underneath your eyes to even out your skin tone. If crows feet are your challenge, use a sheer cream concealer with pearly pigments to diffuse wrinkles. Dab it on, rather than rubbing, to create a soft, natural edge. These simple concealer techniques will leave your eyes revitalized.