Best Healthy Snacks

The Best Healthy Snacks

Our editors dish on the delicious, healthy snacks that keep them going through a tough workout or a busy day.

My favorite healthy snack is probably a tie between Greek yogurt and honey. Just, you know, a little boring, but I love it. And, an avocado toast where you just like smash up avocado, put a little bit of lemon juice and red pepper flakes.   Favorite healthy snack is probably a smoothie, and anything with avocado on it.   Favorite healthy snack…I do a lot of smoothies but right now I'm just really into like apples and peanut butter.   One of my favorite healthy snacks is popcorn. I also love dried fruit and nuts.   My favorite healthy snack, every single morning, I eat a Greek yogurt with some sort of fruit, usually pineapple, and a little granola on top, which I kind of keep adding as I eat the yogurt.