Best Workout Routine

The Best Workout Routine

The best workout is the one you'll actually do! Our editors dish on their favorite workout routines—from running to biking to yoga.

My favorite workout is riding my bike. It's summer here in New York now, so I can finally ride in Central Park. And, I love to get out there and do a couple loops.   My favorite workout routine is running. It's so easy, I travel so much for work, all I need is my sneakers and a good sports bra, and I can run anytime, and it's the most incredible way of getting to know the place that you're visiting. Cuz when you're running early in the morning, it's just you and the place, so that's my favorite routine.   My favorite workout is always running. I've, you know, been a runner for a long time. I also really like spin classes, especially a lot of these spin classes that incorporate upper body moves and, you know, a lot of dance music. And also yoga. I'm not like a hardcore yogi, I'm more of like, a relaxed yoga person.   My favorite workout right now is hiking, actually. I live in the country. I'm obsessed with hiking Mount Beacon. It's so hard for me but it's beautiful. When you get to the top, you feel really rewarded. You get to see the whole city. So, it's my favorite thing. It's fun, but it's a great workout.