to Start Running (And Love It!)

How to Start Running (And Love It!)

Our editors tell the stories of how they started running—and how it went from a total chore to something they really looked forward to doing.

So, I actually had a really cool gym teacher in fourth grade, Mr. Walsh. He made us run two blocks around, like two blocks around the school, for an 800 meter run. And I actually was one of the only people who finished it. So, I had this moment of like, "Wow, I know how to run." So I used to then go to track meets and run the 800 meters, and my dad would feed me Hershey bars. So somehow with that crack training, I went on to run in college and I've been a runner ever since. No longer do the Hershey bars.   I started running when I moved to New York City about six years ago. Basically, since I was too poor and couldn't afford the gym.   I'm a fashion director of Fitness magazine, and I was on a press appointment with the Asics. Never ran. I didn't really have an active lifestyle at all. And they insisted on gifting me a pair of sneakers, which I declined to take. And then they insisted. So, I was like, "OK, I'll take them." Battling with 4 days of insomnia, I knew those sneakers were sitting in my closet. So at 3 in the morning I put them on and went for a run to exhaust myself because I really just wanted to get to sleep, and then this incredible thing happened. I fell in love with running like that night at 3 a.m. in the morning, cause I got back at like 4 a.m., passed out, slept so peacefully -- hadn't slept that peacefully in weeks. And then, I just decided that I'm gonna do this every day.   I started running after I broke my ankle when I was 16. And doctors told me that I wouldn't ever run again, so I wanted to prove them wrong.