Workout Move I Love to Hate

The Workout Move I Love to Hate

Let's face it: There are just some exercises (we're looking at you squats and planks) that you don't always look forward to—heck, sometimes you even hate them—but the results are so worth it.

The move that I love to hate would be a tie between squats and walking lunges. I go to the gym with my fiancé and he makes me do them outside in the parking lot—the lunges—and they are both pretty brutal, but the next day my butt always feels sore, but good.   I do CrossFit and the move that I love to hate—mostly I just hate it, but I am always glad I did it—are wall balls where you are throwing a heavy weighted ball nine feet up in the air against the wall, like 50 times in a row.   I love to hate squats. I love how they feel, but I hate doing them because they are so exhausting. So I'll usually do them at the beginning of my workouts to get them over with.   I love to hate the plank move. It's one of the best things you can do for your abs, but it hurts.   Um, probably a plank. I mean, the first couple I really like, you know you can rock the first couple and then they get harder after that.   Probably planks. They're really boring, but they work. So, I do them every day and I flip through my Instagram feed while I do them, which would be cheating, but it works.