Gym Pet Peeves

My Gym Pet Peeves

People who don't wipe off their machines, dudes who grunt really loud, ladies who blow-dry in the buff… everyone's got their gym pet peeves!

I hate it when you go to the gym, and you're in the locker room, and you walk in, ready to shower, and then you just run into naked women standing there, blow drying their hair. Just cover up! Please!   My gym pet peeve is when people try to talk to you when you're running on the treadmill. It's like, "Hello, I'm out of breath and running here!"   My biggest gym pet peeve is men who grunt really loudly, and I'm doing the same moves they're doing, so I know it's not as hard as they're making it sound.   I have a good yoga studio pet peeve. I hate when, you know, people take all the props and, you know, like they have three yoga blankets and all the blocks. And, I mean, basically I guess I just get to class too late and everyone has all the props, so I should just get there early.   Girls who wear a face of makeup. And anyone who doesn't wipe off the machines. I think it's gross.   My gym pet peeve, I actually live outside the city, and I go to a really, like all-American gym with a lot of grunty dudes that bring, you know, the milk jug water bottle. I don't think it's necessary.