Amazing Abs in 16 Minutes

Get Amazing Abs in 16 Minutes

Give us 16 crunch-free minutes. We'll give you a sexy belly you'll dare to bare all summer long.

[MUSIC] Make sure to keep your navel pulled to your spine, and you're gonna reach back and tap that toe with a slight twist to access your oblique. [MUSIC] Tuck your chin to your chest. You're going to roll up, articulating through your spine. And twist all the way back and looking back behind you to access that oblique and pull the knee into your chest as close as possible. [MUSIC] Turn both toes to the side. Reach those arms out long, and as you come over drop the shoulders away from your ears, pulling those elbows to the side, navel to your spine and reach out long before you come back to standing. [MUSIC] As you come into your squat, you're gonna keep your weight in your heels, accessing those glutes, and your chest high. Now reach to the side. Try to twist from your back and not just reach out for your arms, but rotate your entire trunk from side to side, accessing your abs. [MUSIC] You wanna keep the weight in your heel as you press the hips to the ceiling. Dropping your shoulder down and away from your ear, pulling that navel to your spine, and getting into your obliques. [MUSIC] As you come into your plank make sure that your hips are even. And parallel to the ground, and as you extend the leg to the side, try not to wiggle the hips or move them from side to side, but stay parallel. [MUSIC] Stabilize and press the sole of your foot into the ground as you twist the hips, belly button faces the floor, and then comes back to stack the hips toward the front. [MUSIC] Nod your chin to your chest and bring your shoulders off the floor, pressing your lower back into the floor and stabilizing your hips as you cross those legs.