Time: A 20-Minute Total Body Workout

Game Time: A 20-Minute Total Body Workout

Channel your inner child for this throwback, total-body workout.

Hi guys. I'm Melissa Morin. I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for New York Sports Clubs. I've created the summer camp workout exclusively for Fitness magazine. I hope you have a great time. Okay. So Nicki's feet are flat on the floor. She's sitting up nice and tall and weights are in her hands. She's gonna extend her arms. And as she sits back gently she's gonna pull her elbows back just like she's rowing a boat. Again, bending the arms straight to the back and sitting up nice and tall. Engaging the core. Pulling the belly button in. Sitting back even a little further to make it just a little tougher. And sitting up tall. Great job. So she starts standing tall with the weight, palm facing up. And she'll take a step forward with her right leg into a lunge, though that back heel is up, crossing over with the dumbbell and standing back together. Again, other side. And then you just alternate sides, good, focusing on keeping your core engaged, bracing your abdominals, and keeping that front knee parallel. [MUSIC] Excellent. Nicki's feet are hip width apart. She's gonna start with a low squat. Good. Her dumbbell is close to her body, and she's gonna take a hop, jumping from one foot and then balancing on the other, back to that low squat. Good. Now, your squat should not take too low. You wanna stop half way if you need to modify. Good. And if you cannot jump, it's okay to just step from one to the other. Good. And take a balance. Alright. So standing with your feet a couple inches apart. Your palms are facing up and you'll wanna slight bend to the elbow. And your going to start circular motions with the arms just like your jumping rope adding a hop. You can do it with your feet together or you can hop from side to side or you can go one foot at a time. And to make it even harder you can even go higher up on the heels, that way it gives you a little bit more cardio. Again, keeping those circular motions. Excellent job. Okay, Nicki's feet are hip width apart right here. And she's gonna start by bending her elbows, sitting back into a small squat, and then pressing front with the dumb bells, palm facing down. And pressing back, extending the triceps. Good, so we're working the lats, which are part of the back, as well as the triceps. [MUSIC] Excellent. [MUSIC]. So, standing with your fee hip width apart. Nicki's gonna hold the dumbbell close to her body. And she's gonna take a small squat. As she squats she's gonna twist, working the obliques. Good. And standing back up in between. And taking it to the other side. Making sure her hips stay square. Again, getting a nice, low squat in the middle. Excellent. And for an extra little push. She can extend her elbows at the bottom. Good. [MUSIC]