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"I Lost 77 Pounds"

Watch Kasandra Raux tell her inspiring story of how she shed 77 pounds.

[MUSIC] I mean, I felt my mom knew, how, bad it was but I didn't wanna admit it to myself. [MUSIC] I remember being little and sneaking food. Because I was afraid of what my parents would say. I used to cut off the tags off my pants. Because I figured if the number wasn't there. It really wasn't existing. No one would ever like me for who I was fully become. My parents, I just remember one day going up my stairs. And just a single flight of stairs, nothing major. And heart racing, out of breath. I was 27 and that was terrifying. [MUSIC] She educated me, like what are, what are good fats, what are bad fats. Why I should eat whole grains and not something that's been super-processed. This really was, you know, kinda like my saving grace. Shedding for the wedding really also became a drive to keep pushing for myself to lose the weight. Because I want to look good for the big day. [MUSIC]. I cried as I crossed through the finish line. I had just run 26.2 miles, and not many people can say they ever did that. It really just was one of the most, amazing feelings I have ever had in my life. [MUSIC]
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