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"I Lost 82 Pounds"

Watch Cherie Hart Steffen tell her inspiring story of how she shed 82 pounds.

[MUSIC]. I need to do something with my life. Basically, you have to start somewhere and this was my starting point. [MUSIC]. The main catalyst for me starting my weight loss journey, get healthy journey, was my mom. She got diagnosed with cancer in March of 2009. She said to me lose weight, save money. By June of 2009 she had passed away. [MUSIC]. I'm depressed. Can't exercise. So I took all of my feelings and I ate them. [MUSIC]. My teacher is far off into the distance. And I get closer. And I'm walking up to him. And he says, hey, Precious. I knew what Precious meant. [MUSIC]. Right there, everything that I had pretty much told my mom as far as, I'm gonna lose weight, I'm gonna lose weight, I promise. That all came back to me right away. It just kinda slapped me in the face. I went home and I got on my treadmill. Ten minutes was all I could do. [MUSIC]. Once I actually started looking at what I was eating and writing it down, I thought I was eating the right amount of food. I thought I was eating healthy, and I wasn't. [MUSIC]. Trying to think of what my mother would say, knowing that I ran a half marathon. [MUSIC]. She'd be very proud of me. I know that for sure. [MUSIC]
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