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"I Lost 175 Pounds"

Watch Heather Martinez tell her inspiring story of how she shed 175 pounds.

[MUSIC]. As I walked out of the store that day, that was a defining moment. That was my lowest point. That's when I knew something had to change. [MUSIC]. It was May 2005. I didn't have a social life, it was go to work, come home, go to work, come home and eat every single day. I couldn't sleep on my side, I couldn't sleep on my back. I would have to get three and four pillows. Because I was choking in my sleep, that's how big I was. I kept trying on clothes after clothes after clothes and, when I got to the size 32, and I can no longer fit in there, I think I started crying in the store. Being 326 pounds, was more pain than it took to change. [MUSIC]. I would log my food in, whether I had a great day, a not so great day. What you write down, what you log in, you are made aware of. [MUSIC]. If you really want to change your body you've got to add strength training. That is what brought me strength and power and impacted every aspect of my life. [MUSIC]. I know what it was like to not live my life. So I had to pay it forward. So I took it upon myself to start [UNKNOWN] Fit. And again the philosophy behind it is, change your mind mentally, and then the physical weight will come. All right, slow down a little bit. Alicia, are you ready? [MUSIC]
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