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"I Lost 80 Pounds"

Watch Elisha Villanueva tell her inspiring story of how she shed 80 pounds.

[MUSIC]. I remember in third grade you know all the kids were like well how much do you weigh? How much do you weigh? And it was no big deal but I lied because I was so embarrassed. [MUSIC]. I remember being at the park, my son wanted me to go down on the slide with him and I couldn't go down with him because I was too big and I couldn't hold him and go down this little tiny tube tunnel slide. When I delivered I remember, the doctor asking me how much I weighed so that he could give me the epidural. And, I had to tell him, that was the moment that I knew I would never have to say that I weighed 220 pounds again. [MUSIC] I love recipes where I can hide the vegetables in the recipes. I love to make turkey muffins. It's turkey, and I mix in any kind of vegetable that I can shred and put, and mix in. And I put them in the cupcake pan, and muffins just sound a whole lot yummier to eat, and the kids love em. Just to have someone there to encourage you to go everyday and walking in the doors with someone else, not just alone was huge for me. [MUSIC]. My kids yesterday they wanted, they ask, Mommy can we go for a run? Cuz they wanna run like mommy. [MUSIC] It's basically there just for women to go to, and feel supported. We do virtual 5ks online, and everyone participates. You still get the medal, you still get the bib. You still get the race T and you do it on your own time. To know that you're becoming stronger every single day, you're stronger and that's a great feeling. [MUSIC]
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