Flye Girl

Reverse Flye Girl

The Reverse Flye Girl exercise works your shoulders, back, inner thighs, outer thighs.

[MUSIC]. For this move, you're gonna start standing beside the Bosu. I've wrapped my hands around the band quite a few times, just to create enough resistance so that I'm able to do a fly move. I'm gonna place my left foot on top of the Bosu, bring my arms out in front, and pull the band apart by engaging the shoulder blades in the back to create a fly move. From here, I'm gonna push off the Bosu, release the band, and on the other side, fly the band again. So, it's gonna look like this. Release, pull. Release, pull. If you wanna make this a little bit more difficult, you can try to get more distance on either side of the Bosu. [MUSIC]