Booty Press

The Booty Press exercise works your shoulders, abs, butt and legs.

[MUSIC]. Okay, so, grab your resistance band. Stand facing away from the bosu. I'm gonna step on, about a third of the band here, I'm leaving a lot of it just kinda hanging out. And with my back foot. I'm gonna step onto the top of the bosu. I'm gonna bring the resistance band up to my shoulder. Lunge down, back knee taps the floor, and as you come up you're gonna raise that arm up above your head. Again, down to the floor, and press it up. I like to put my hand on my hip, gives me a little bit of balance for. You can kind of stick it out to the side. Once you've completed the rep range on this side, you're gonna switch hands, switch feet and complete the mover on the other side. [MUSIC]