Bosu Ball HIIT Circuit That Cinches and Sculpts

The Bosu Ball HIIT Circuit That Cinches and Sculpts

For 20 minutes of toning that will kick your butt, do this circuit three times through. Let the cinch-and-sculpt carving begin!

[MUSIC] Hey guys, I'm Hannah Davis, Founder of Body by Hannah, and the creator of the 2-2-20 workout method. Today, I have an exclusive 2-2-20 workout just for Fitness Magazine. We're gonna be using a bosu, and a resistance band. So lets get started. [MUSIC] Okay, so grab your resistance band. Stand facing away from the bosu. I'm gonna step on about a third of the band here. I'm leaving a lot of it just kind of hanging out. And with my back foot, I'm gonna step on to the top of the bosu. I'm gonna bring the resistance band up to my shoulder. [MUSIC] Lunge down, back knee taps the floor. And as you come up, you're gonna raise that arm up above your head. Again, down to the floor and press it up. I like to put my hand on my hip. It gives me a little bit of balance. Or, you can kinda stick it out to the side. Once you've completed the rep range on this side, you're gonna switch hands, switch feet, and complete the move on the other side. For this move, you're gonna grab your resistance band, holding each handle in each hand. And, you're just gonna place the band on top of the ball, the center of the band on top of the ball. And then, carefully, step on to the top of the ball. I wanna create more resistance, so I'm gonna cross the band in front, and hinge forward in that flat back [INAUDIBLE] position. From here, I'm gonna row the band back, concentrating on squeezing the shoulder blades together, and slowly returning to that start position. You're gonna complete the entire rep range before you come back up to standing, and step off the bosu. For this move, you're gonna start standing beside the bosu. I've wrapped my hands around the band quite a few times, just to create enough resistance so that I'm able to do a fly move. I'm gonna place my left foot on top of the bosu, bring my arms out in front, and pull the band apart by engaging the shoulder blades and the back, to create a fly move. From here, I'm gonna push off the bosu, release the band, and on the other side, fly the band again. So it's gonna look like this. Release, pull. Release. Pull. If you wanna make this a little bit more difficult, you can try to get more distance, on either side of the bosu. [MUSIC] For this move, I'm actually gonna put the bosu, right on top of the resistance band, right in the center, and I'm gonna grab the left arm. I'm gonna step on the bosu, kind of straddling the resistance band. Get into that flat back position again. Grab the band with both hands, and lift the arms up, so that your arms meet your ears. Slowly returning back down to the centre of the legs, and up again. [MUSIC]. Really make sure you're engaging your core here. [MUSIC] And breathe. [MUSIC] Okay, so for this move, I've wrapped the band around my back, created really nice tension here. I'm gonna go up onto the bosu ball in a plank position. If you're having a little bit of trouble balancing on it, you can spread your feet a little bit wider. I'm gonna do push ups here, resisted push ups. Coming down and pushing back up. Really engage your core here. Make sure you're breathing. [MUSIC] And that's the move. So, for this move, I've started by wrapping the band around my right foot quite a few times, so that I get enough resistance for row movement. Your back is pretty strong, so make sure the resistance is tough. I'm gonna lift my right foot up, lean back on that bosu quite a bit, so we get that core engaged, and as I pipe my right foot up, I'm gonna row the band back, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Return to the start, pike up, hold the band, back down. Completing the move on this side, for the recommended rep range, and then we're gonna switch and do it on the other leg. [MUSIC]