Now Tour Highlights

Lead Now Tour Highlights

Watch the highlights from professional rock climber Paige Claassen's globe-hopping, awareness-raising adventure on Marmot Pro's Lead Now Tour.

[MUSIC]. Right now we're in South Africa and this is the first stop on our trip around the world. We're in Russia on stop two of [INAUDIBLE]. Tour the Italian Alps, [INAUDIBLE] Japan, [INAUDIBLE] China, we're in [INAUDIBLE] India, Turkey, Ecuador, Chile. Both to climb and to raise awareness for different non-profit organizations. [MUSIC]. This, this may be the most beautiful island I've ever seen. Today we're gonna go visit a school supported by Room to Read. And we see squirrels at the cliff. [INAUDIBLE] That's when you're like, oh, we're in Africa now. [MUSIC] Coming into this month we were pretty nervous. We didn't really know what to expect. Carrots. We learned how to live this really simple life here, and we go rock climbing, and that's kind of our daily staple. And the people are happy and it's not scary at all. It's been really amazing to be climbing beneath the Alps. [MUSIC]. Living is not just consuming a place or consuming time. Is an exchange. You can give more, and you will get more. The [INAUDIBLE]. Can use up. All the hard part is in the top. It was really just a miracle when it all came together. I was in complete shock. Japan is special because they have lots of old tradition, culture and history. [MUSIC]. I feel like we've really been able to be immersed in the culture here. We're climbing on these beautiful cliffs and there's just these giant waves crashing in right below us. We're now five months into [INAUDIBLE]. This whole landscape used to be underwater, in an ocean. [MUSIC] So these cars are just. Sea shells and sea animals piled on top of each other. It is a world of its own here. You walk down the street and you see things you've never seen before. You smell things you've never smelled before. Working with apneaap and meeting the founder of [INAUDIBLE]. And walking down the street here and seeing how women act and how they live. I think those are the things that motivate me to climb more than anything. [MUSIC] There's the remains of ancient cities, Roman ruins. I think this place was even dominated by parrots at one point [NOISE] [MUSIC] Everything I know, in terms of common sense about the world, I've learned through travelling. Here in Ecuador, we're working with Heifer to learn about the local industries. There's alpaca farming [MUSIC] There's growing crops. Weaving the alpaca fiber. There's all these small farms and little family businesses. [NOISE] Our country is very small. You have to travel all around to appreciate. How big our country is in a small territory. You drive 30 minutes outside of a city and you already in the cliff it's kind of like they are at the gym. We spent a few days hanging out with the girls from a residential home supported by VE Global. Some people run marathons to raise money for breast cancer awareness. But, I'm terrible at running and climbing is what I'm good at. So, I'm gonna try and use climbing as a way to raise awareness for other issues. I'm gonna try something different and do what I can. And to try and make a difference even if it's in a small way. This is a way to explore, and learn how I can help other people across the world. We're all psyched to send hard routes, but to know that maybe it will help one little kid, that's really cool. [MUSIC]