Lead Now Tour Location #9

Chile: Lead Now Tour Location #9

Paige makes the last stop on her global tour, while also raising awareness for VE Global.

[MUSIC] I haven't been home in nine months. I've shaken hands, given hugs, kissed cheeks and said goodbye to new friends from all around the world. This month, I'll say my last goodbyes to my new friends in Chile, before I get to say my favorite kind of hello to my family. But first, Chile. It's kinda like home here because you have these tall peaks and loads of climbing areas just right outside the city. I like Santiago because it's really close to the mountains. You have some different climbing areas. Very close to the city. Just drive a little bit, like 20 minutes, half an hour and you are in the mountains. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] We spent a few days hanging out with the girls from a residential home supported by VE Global. [FOREIGN] One day we went climbing and I was just shocked so Valentina just shot up the wall. No fear. She held nothing back. Doesn't care. She's not afraid of it. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] I was really proud of them. Like they, they weren't afraid at all. And also, I was afraid that they would be shy at the beginning, but they were like going for it. [MUSIC] The children that we work with have been, most of them, removed from their homes for reasons of abuse, neglect and abandonment. And are either in the process of being reinserted into their families or the state is then making a decision. As to whether they should be placed up for adoption. VE works with mostly international volunteers to support the social and emotional development of children at social risk in Santiago. When we visited the home where these girls live they just poured out so much love. They are so affectionate, they wanted to dance, and sing, and compare hands, and show us around their home. They don't very often have the opportunity to just go out. Especially climb and like going to a gym. Like sometimes we go to a park like going to a gym is something very special for them. It's really neat to be able to set an example and then see the girls pass it on. Because some of the younger girls were a little timid at first, but once they saw Valentina just shoot to the top of the wall. They were like I want to do that and they just followed her lead. [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] Is really good. It's kinda new, it start getting developed like five or six years ago. I worked a lot there and I bought some roots over there or so. You drive 30 minutes outside of the city and you're already at the cliff. It's kinda like a day at the gym. I bolted some easy roots to a rider vehicle first. Just drop down, and start looking the holes. Then I realized that it was possible. The roof probably will be the hardest groups. But also have the upper section, like the face climbing. It was pretty hard, too. There'a great horned owl over there. Who, who who. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] If there's one thing I've learned on this trip, its that we all have these little goals in life that motivate us to get out of bed each day. But regardless of what those goals are, we can come together and share this common bond of curiosity, kindness, and a desire to learn. That's what Lead Now is. It's been harder than I expected to say goodbye to new friends each month. But I finally realized that these don't have to be goodbyes. Even if it's for a brief time, we all make an impact on each other's lives. We learn something from the other. I can learn from Valentina, who wears a smile on her face despite all that she's been through. What the kids need the most is love and care. And, and that's, I think, something that our volunteers are really, really exceptional at providing them. I have goals and aspirations and these little girls have goals and aspirations, and we all have dreams. We all deserve an opportunity to make those possible. Everyone all around the world. So far we've raised nearly $20,000, but we are not done yet. You can visit to help us support VE Global. After nine months it's time to go home, and I'm excited [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] look at you on video and it's not working. [INAUDIBLE] awe.