Towel Snap

The Towel Snap exercise works your shoulders, abs, butt and legs.

Okay, this is an awesome standing ab workout. You're gonna bring your towel above your head, bend the knees, and engage the abs. Crunch forward, lift the leg up and touch your shoe laces. Just like that. I want you to breath out. [NOISE] Breathe out. [NOISE] Good, so you're working on your core. Kay, keep that leg extended, slightly bent. Toes pointed, breathing. Good, altering the legs, squeezing the abs, exhaling. Notice your whole body is working, your arms, your back, your abs, your legs. Exhale, gonna do a couple more with you guys. That's one. Two. Good, count each leg. Three. Four. One more. Five. Excellent job. I said a couple, that was five. I want you guys to do about 30 of these. So, that's 30 per leg. It's an awesome workout. It'll get your heart rate up. Get your abs nice and tight.