Princess Push-Up

The Princess Push-Up exercise works your chest, arms and abs.

[MUSIC] Okay, this is a great workout for all you girls out there who are not huge fans of push-ups. We have the Princess Push-Up. You're gonna grab your towel. It's nice if you have a nice smooth surface. Slide the towel out. Keep your hands about shoulder width apart. Bring your hips forward. Abs are tight. Come all the way down till your arms are at a 90 degree angle. Pull up. Good. Slide your hips back, and then drag the towel back, engaging your abs and triceps. Good. Let's try that again. Slide it out, push it out, Good. Shoulder width. Hands and hips forward. Drop down till your elbows are about 90 degrees. Hold it there. Press up. Good. Shift your hips back and then slide the towel back, engaging your abs and triceps. Let's do three more of those. Slide up. Good. Come down. And up and pull back, shhh. Slide out. Good. Abs in. Down and up and pull back. One more. Slide out and down and up and pull back. Awesome. Okay, so those are a great upper body workout. They also help you engage your abs. I want you guys to try and do 15 of those, but take your time. Do them nice and slow, so that you'll look really great in that beautiful halter bikini. [MUSIC]