Lunge Twist

The Lunge Twist exercise works your shoulders, obliques, butt and legs.

[MUSIC] Okay, we have the lunge and twist. You're gonna step back into a 90 degree angle, take the towel, put tension in the towel, lean forward. Good. Keep your head down, tummy tight. Keep your legs in this bent position. Legs at a 90 degree angle. Hold it right here, and twist. Squeeze the abs to one side. Squeeze them to the other side. Go back to the center, and bring it down. Good. Lift up, lengthening the body, pull the abs in. Exhale right here. Long torso. Engage those obliques. Hold it right here, and bring it down. Make sure your heel is elevated in the back, knees are bent, and turn. Exhale, exhale, good, and center. I want you guys to do 20 of these and then repeat the same thing on the other side. Good.