Rocket Squat

The Rocket Squat exercise works your abs, butt, quads and calves.

[MUSIC] Okay. We're gonna do this **** blasting cardiopumping exercise called rocket squats. I want you to put your feet shoulderwidth apart. Sit down so that your **** is hinged backwards. Pull your abs in tight. Place your elbows right above your Your knees. Good. Keep your spinal cord long. And in your little rocket portal, and you're gonna blast off [SOUND]. And come down. I want you to point your toes and engage your quads [SOUND]. And land softly, roll down to the balls of your feet. [SOUND]. Good. We're gonna do three more together. One. Two. Three. Good. Come back down here so you're in control. This will get your heart rate up. It will get your **** nice and tight for the summer. I want you guys to do 25 of those. And this is a great exercise to do in between sets to elevate your heart rate.