Body Plan 2014: Firm Up for Summer Routine

Better Body Plan 2014: Firm Up for Summer Routine

Sunny news, bikini boot camper: You're about to really cinch it in—and get the best curves and cuts—for that teeny two-piece with this towel tone-up.

[MUSIC] Hi i'm Tiffany Rothe, founder of the Inner Circle FitClub. And I created this beautiful bikini body workout exclusively for fitness magazine. [MUSIC] Okay, we're gonna do this **** blasting cardio pumping exercise called rocket squat. I want you to put your feet shoulder width apart. Sit down so that your **** is hinged backwards. Pull your abs in tight, place your elbows right above your knees. Good, keep your spinal chord long. And you're in your little rocket portal and you're gonna blast off [SOUND] and come down. I want you to point your toes and engage your quads. And land softly roll down to the balls of your feet. [SOUND] Good, we're going to do three more together. One. Two. Three. Come back down here so you're in control. This will get you heart rate up. It'll get your **** nice and tight for the summer. I want you guys to do 25 of those. And this is a great exercise to do in between sets to elevate your heart rate. Okay. We're gonna do the standing fire hydrant. You're going to begin with your feet together, bend your knees slightly. I want you to hinge forward at the hips, place your hands right above your knee. Pull the abs in, your spine is long. Bend one of the legs, and brings it towards the back, and out and around in a circle. We're going to do five of these together. That's one. Two, you're really working at your core. Three, the standing leg is working. Four, make a nice big circle. One more four, five. I want you guys at home to do fifteen each leg for an awesome glute and outer thigh workout. Okay, we have the lunge and twist. You're gonna step back into a 90 degree angle. Take the towel, put tension in the towel. Lean forward. Go, keep your head down, tummy tight. Keep your legs in this bent position. Legs at 90 degree angle. Hold it right here and twist. Squeeze the abs to one side. Squeeze them to the other side. Go back to the center. And bring it down. Good. Lift up, lengthening the body. Pull the abs in. Exhale right here. Long torso. Engage those obliques. Hold it right here and bring it down. Make sure your heel is elevated in the back. Knees are bent and turn. Exhale, exhale. Good, and center. I want you guys to do 20 of these. And then repeat the same thing on the other side. Okay, this is a great workout for all you girls out there who are not huge fans of push ups. We have the princess push ups. You're gonna grab your towel. It's nice if you have a nice smooth surface. Slide the towel out. Keep your hands about shoulder width apart. Bring your hips forward. Abs are tight. Come all the way down til your arms are at a 90 degree angle. Pull up, good. Slide your hips back. And then drag the towel back, engaging your abs and triceps. Good let's try that again. Slide it out. Push it out. Good, shoulder width. Hands and hip forward. Drop down to your elbows at about 90 degrees. Hold it there. Press up. Good. Shift your hips back and then, slide the towel back engaging your abs and triceps. Let's do three more of those. Slide out. Good. Come down and up and pull back. Shh. Slide out. Good. Abs in, down and up and pull back. One more. Slide out. And down and up. And pull back. Awesome. Okay. So those are a great upper body workout. They also help engage your abs. I want you guys to try and do 15 of those. But take your time, do 'em nice and slow, that you'll look really great in that beautiful halter bikini. Hi, we're gonna do jumping jack planks. Your hands are a little wider than shoulder width apart. Legs are nice and strong. You're on the balls of your feet. Jump out like this. Keep your **** nice and tight. Your legs are strong. Jump back in. Let's do ten together. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Good. Notice that I didn't move my upper body back and forth and keep it nice and still. Hi. Okay, this awesome towel leg bicep crunch. You're gonna sit down. Bend the knees. Engage the abs, pull em in. Put the towel just right under your knee and use the towel to elevate the leg. Keep your elbows at your waist and do a bicep curl. Your actually lifting up the leg. Go half way down exhale when you come up, squeezing those biceps just like that. Your also working on your core and the standing leg. Good. Exhale as you come up. Good, let's do five together. Five. Four. Good job. Three. Squeeze those biceps. Two. I want you to hold it up on the last one. Do about 15 or 20 of these and then crunch it out. For ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Hold it. Awesome job. Don't forget to repeat that on the other leg. Hi. Okay, we're gonna take towel again, and work our triceps. I want you to turn to the side. Grab the towel, put a lot of resistance in the towel. Come all the way down to a deep squat. Bring the towel down and touch the back of your heels. Your palms are facing down, your elbows are slightly bent. Pull up, pulling the towel apart, engaging the triceps. Get 'em up as high as you can. And then bring 'em down. Good, you're gonna come all the way down. Exhale as you come up. Don't move from that squat position. Cuz you know we're working the whole body. Even though we're focusing on one part. And squeezing, good. Let's do three more together. One. Two. Three. Hold it there. Keep the tension in the towel. And after you've done about 20 reps, I want you to pulse it out ten times like this. T Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Awesome job. I want you to bring the towel in front of you like this. Drop the head down, roll it up. And your triceps are gonna be burning, and you're gonna look super hot in your bikini. Okay, this is a awesome standing ab workout. You're gonna bring your towel above your head. Bend the knees. Engage the abs. Crunch forward. Lift the leg up and touch your shoelaces. Just like that. I want you to breath out. [SOUND] Breath out. [SOUND] Good, so you're working on your core. Keep that leg extended, slightly bent, toes pointed, breathing. Good, alternating the legs, squeezing the abs. Exhaling. Notice your whole body is working. Your arms, your back, your abs, your legs. Exhale. We'll do a couple more with you guys. That's one. Two. Good count each leg. Three. Four. One more. Five. Excellent job. I said a couple, that was five. I want you guys to do about 30 of these. That's 30 per leg. It's a awesome workout to get your heart rate up and your abs nice and tight.