Adventures: The Strip at Night Half-Marathon in Las Vegas

Fit Adventures: The Strip at Night Half-Marathon in Las Vegas

Are you and your special someone looking for a race that you both won't ever forget? If so, then Run Rock 'n' Roll's Strip at Night half-marathon in Las Vegas is waiting for you!

[MUSIC] Hey runners. It's Samantha Shelton, Assistant Web Editor here at Fitness. And if you're looking for a race experience both you and your special someone won't ever forget, then check out the Run, Rock and Roll Strip at Night Half Marathon in Vegas. While running the iconic strip is cool in and of itself, it's the pre-race three minute wedding ceremony that really caught my eye. There I met Monaco Ortiz and Roberto Barrios, a couple that met online through a mutual love of running. After racing through life for eight years, the two decided to tie the knot before running together. Perfect for those who don't want a super planned out wedding, these two held hands amidst a sea of other running couples, recited their vows and sealed it with a kiss. And then they were off. And, as someone who was just running, it was the perfect way to start off a memorable 13.1 miles myself. So if you and your sweetie have a shared passion for running, and totally love the idea of a Vegas wedding, this is one unique way to kick off a lifetime of bliss. For more info on the fun, fit trips you can take around the world, be sure to check out You never know where we're going next. [MUSIC]