Quad Squad

The Quad Squad exercise works your abs, butt and legs.

This is a stabilization exercise. You're gonna stand on one leg, you're gonna pull up into your core, you can work this quad as you kick it out trying to get your big toe to reach your navel as you kick out and then you're going to come back to standing as you kick behind you, directly behind you, this is working into your glute, work your right quads and your hamstring, and then using your core to bring yourself up to centre, to stabilize again. Once again kicking this leg out, nice and parallel, don't trip, tilt hips and bring it back in, and we kick directly behind us slightly bending that right knee, take those hands down to the floor, flex that foot as we kick back, and again use your core to come back up, extend front and breathe, bring it in, kick back and extend.