The Froggy exercise works your back, hips, butt, hamstrings and inner thighs.

This exercise, you're gonna lay [unk]. You're gonna lay on your belly, on resting on your abdomen. You're gonna make a pliae or [unk] legs. You're gonna place the pilates ball in between the heels. The heels are going [unk] this themselves. So, the ball is being protracted. You're gonna just lay down, rest into your forearms and squeeze your gluts and squeeze your heels towards each other as you lift your sides of the floor. Lift and lower down and squeeze. You push the pelvic bone into the floor. Squeeze and squeeze as you lift up and lower it down. But if you like to rest your hands here so that your neck is not straight, squeeze and lift and lower it down. And again, squeeze those gluts and lift and lower down.