from Tush to Toe Workout

Tighter from Tush to Toe Workout

Reshape your rear view in 20 short minutes with these Pilates-based exercises.

Hi. I'm Simone De La Rue, owner and creator of Body by Simone. Today, I'm gonna demonstrate some moves for you that I created exclusively for Fitness Magazine readers. I hope you enjoy them. You place the Pilates ball in between your knees. You're gonna engage in your adaptors as you squeeze the ball. You make sure that your wrists are underneath your shoulders. You're gonna tuck your tail under, and you're gonna scoop up into a bridge, push up, lower down, squeeze the ball and release, and then squeeze, and then up into a bridge, come down [unk] and you relax your neck and squeeze and lift. Lower down, last one. Squeeze, slightly bend those elbows. You work your [unk] triceps. Go up, making sure your knees are going towards your spine, into your bridge. You start this one on a side saddle. You're gonna place your arms forward and rest into your forearms. Place the ball again in the crook of your knee, bringing your heel towards your glute so the hamstring is contracted. You're gonna hover this leg slightly off from the underneath leg, squeeze the ball and contract and then lift and squeeze into the glute-the great glute burnout as you squeeze and lift. And again, lower down, squeeze and lift. Do not move the hips. Do not move the upper body. Just squeeze the hamstring and the glute as you lift up and down. For this exercise, you're gonna lay prone. You're gonna lay on your belly, resting on your abdomen, you know, make a [unk] on your back legs. You place the Pilates ball in between the heels. The heels are gonna come and try and kiss themselves so the ball is being contracted. You're gonna lay down and rest into your forearms, then squeeze your glutes and squeeze your heels towards each other as you lift the thighs off the floor. Lift and lower down. Then squeeze-you push the pelvic bone into the floor, squeeze these glutes as you lift up and lower down. And if you like to rest your head here so that your neck is not strained, squeeze and lift, and lower down and squeeze these glutes and lift and lower down. This is a wonderful full body workout focusing on your core. You're gonna set up into the perfect plank, wrists underneath shoulders, navel to spine, kick back the legs, pull the tailbone under. You're gonna use your abs in your oblique to lift the leg up off the floor, tap it to the side and move back to plank. And again, reengaging your lower abs, use your [unk] to lift that leg, tap, and move it back to plank, making sure your elbows are slightly bent back towards your waist, tap the foot, and bring it down again. This exercise is a stabilization exercise. You're gonna stand on one leg. You're gonna extend the other leg, foot flexed, the arms making making [unk] in opposition. You're gonna bring your elbow and your knee towards each other in an oblique crunch. As they come together, you have to use your core to stabilize and kick back out again, foot flexed. And again, breathe, cross elbow to knee, and extend out. You slightly bend that right knee so you're working into that right [unk] and cross. Oblique crunch and extend. Good. One more. Cross it through and breathe and stabilize and extend out. This is a stabilization exercise. You're gonna stand on one leg and you're gonna pull up into your core. You're gonna work this quad and you kick it out to aim to get your big toe to reach your knee ball as you kick out, and then you're gonna come back to standing as you kick behind you, direct behind you so working into your glutes. Work your right quad and your hamstring. And then using your core to bring yourself up to center to stabilize again. Once again, kicking this leg out, nice and parallel. Don't tilt in the hips and bring it back in. And we kick directly behind, slightly bending that right knee. Take those hands down to the floor, flex that foot as you kick back. And again, use your core to come back up, extend front and breathe, bring it in, kick back, and extend.