Lead Now Tour Location #7

Turkey: Lead Now Tour Location #7

In the middle of her global tour, Paige connects with a friend from home while climbing the steep limestone caves of Geyikbayiri.

-Turkey is pretty old to put it lightly. This area has been populated since pre-historic times. There's, the remains of ancient cities, Roman ruins. I think this place is even dominated by pirates at one point. So, everywhere we walk there's something interesting to look at. It's fun because despite a bit being confusing now we have friends to share our confusion with. -My name is Chris Weidner. We're in Geyikbayiri, Turkey. And we're here to sport climb. -Chris and I have been traveling now for about four months throughout Europe. And it's just been great to explore and-- and to see new things. -It usually Antalya is a very touristive place. Right now, it feels quite deserted but I love how it feels kind of isolated. We have a blend here of the old and the new. -yeah, the landscape here is very cool because when you're on the beach you can see up beyond this tall rocky mountains that are really sheared up to on to the snowy mountains where they're skiing. There's just a bunch of layers of relief that's really pretty. -There are little old women selling Turkish tea on the corners. There are spice bazaars. -It's possible here to go swimming in the morning and climbing midday and then skiing later on, because it's all within an hour. -No matter where we are and no matter how unfamiliar certain places may seem it's great when we get to the crag, everything seems familiar again. It almost feels like home. We know what to do and we know we're gonna have a good day. We forget about being confused and not having our team and we just climb. - -It's really fun to meet up with friends from home who are motivated and who have also been travelling for a long time. Because we can kind of take comfort in one another's company. -We have a really good dynamic going. And I feel like we can all be very natural together. -It's just like hanging out with good friends back home. Every night it feels like a family. For this trip, Paige and Heather didn't really know each other yet they got together and form this awesome team. They both are really supportive of each other. And that's certainly not always what happens when you got two elite female climbers together. -I think it's really easy for girls to get super competitive and almost cutty at the cliff. But with Heather, yeah, we're both strong. We're psyched to climb but we can also be kind of goofy in between brunch on our projects. -There's a different vibe than just climbing with just the guys. All three of us have tried at least one hard route together. And all three of us do it quite differently. We all bring something different to the table, I think. And there is that kind of overwhelming feeling of support. -Yeah. -We really want each other to succeed. We don't really have anything to prove to each other. -No matter how different we are as people in our cultures, no matter how different the places are that we visit, we all have common thread. And I enjoy being able to share that with new people. -With friends that around again I don't feel like all the responsibilities is on me. Because we can make decisions as a team. So, instead of having two people to navigate, we have four. And instead of four eyes to take in all these bizarre sights, we have eight. -Like my dad always used to tell me, he-- he said this is the best education. Everything I would know in terms of common sense about the world, I've learned to travellings. It kind of shape who I am, what my goals are. Many of my life-long friends I've met through travelling. I think every trip, this adds to my depth of my experience and my appreciation for climbing. and for climbers around the world. -What so, so cool about climbing is that it takes you to places that you might not see as a tourist. And you really get to see these beautiful sights around the world in a totally new light. This long for fundraising for Care which works really to alleviate poverty and provide aid emergency all over the world. And you can donate online, Help us make a difference where it's most needed.