Tells: What Workouts Can My Guy and I Do Together?

Trainer Tells: What Workouts Can My Guy and I Do Together?

Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell gives tips on working out with your partner, even if you don't typically like the same kinds of workouts.

-Hey guys, this is Jenna. I'm the fitness editor of Fitness Magazine. I'm here with another Trainer Tells, this time with Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away. -Hey Nina, what's up? It's me Chris Powell and I'm here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, your question is you wanna do different kinds of workouts with your guy, but I guess you're a yogi and he's a muscle head, so you're looking for something new, something fresh. This is kind of the feel that I'm getting from you. -Now, here's the deal. It's really important that you're both gonna be open-minded in this process because, I mean, as a yogi, you're always gonna wanna do what you do best, which is yoga. Of course, as a muscle-- or as a muscle head-- I almost called him a me head-- he's gonna want to lift a lot of weights and that might not be something that you're spectacular at. It's just like he's not spectacular at yoga, but keep in mind when it comes to fitness, we need to focus on the areas of our life where we need to improve. Me, for example, I hate running. So, that's what's I need to do. I need to run more. Also, as a bit of a me head myself, I'm not very flexible. Therefore, I didn't like yoga a lot when I did it, but that means that I need to do more yoga because I need to increase my flexibility. And guess what you need to do? You probably need to lift more weights because you've got the whole flexibility thing down pack I'm sure, but it'd be great to incorporate some more weightlifting into your lifestyle, so you guys need to get creative. Start exploring your all modalities. You know, let him take you through the stuff that he loves to do and then he can let you take you-- take him through the stuff and we've actually found in this whole process since my wife and I-- we love training together-- the more open we are to each other's favorite modalities of exercise, it brings us closer together and it actually helps strengthen our relationship. So, explore each other's worlds, but then above and beyond that, try something new. Why don't the two of you go out and do a sprint triathlon together or go to a Zumba class or just do something and have fun because it's really what fitness is all about? It's about having fun. It's about building relationships and really increasing the overall quality of your life. So, get creative. Be open minded and explore. -Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag, Trainer Tells.