Tells: How Do I Push Through "The Wall" and Lose Those Last 10 Pounds?

Trainer Tells: How Do I Push Through "The Wall" and Lose Those Last 10 Pounds?

Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell gives tips on staying motivated on your weight-loss journey, and how to lose those final 10 pounds.

-Hey guys, this is Jenna. I'm the fitness editor at Fitness Magazine. We're here with another Trainer Tells. This time, Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away. -Hey Carrie, what's up? It's me Chris Powell and I'm here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, the question is, why are the last 10 pounds so hard to lose and how do you push through that wall? Great question. First and foremost, now keep in mind, as your body is losing weight, whatever it is that we're doing, whatever we're imposing into our body, our body is actually built to adapt to that. So, as we run, you know, think about the first time that you actually went out to do exercises. Probably exhausting. When you did it, it got easier and easier. And why? Because our body is actually building those mechanisms to become more efficient to that. Now efficiency, it's a great thing, but also when it comes to weight loss, it slows us down because our body is constantly trying to fight it. So now, we come down to those proverbial, the final 10 or 15 pounds, and our bodies become this incredibly efficient machine that's trying not to lose weight anymore. And we're trying to keep it to keep losing weight. So, the key to breaking through that wall is to keep throwing what we call little curve balls into your body, to trick it if you will. Now, the first thing that we'll do is we will employ what we call the FITT principle. It's an acronym. F stands for frequency. I stands for intensity. T stands for time. And the last T stands for type. So frequency, what we wanna do is we need to shock your body a little bit. We need to give it something that it hasn't done because your body's efficient. So, we increase your frequency, which might be saying instead of working out 4 days a week, you bump it up to 5 days a week. Instead of-- And then let's talk about intensity, so say instead of running a, you know, 10-minute mile, aim for a 9-1/2-minute mile. Or instead of lifting 20-pound dumbbells, grab 25-pound dumbbells. Or maybe instead of 10s, it's 12s. Whatever that increased intensity is to you, that's where you're gonna get the reaction that you want out of your body. Time, instead of running, or walking, or jogging, or rowing, whatever it is that you do for say 30 minutes a day, bump it up, but not too much, but just try to bump it up, instead of 30 minutes, maybe 35 minutes. Maybe instead of 35 minutes, it's 40 minutes. Bump it up in tiny little time increments to get the results that you want. And the last T stands for Type. Once again, your body gets used to everything that you do, so instead of cycling, try jogging. Instead of jogging, try running. Instead of running, try boxing. Keep switching things up and you'll keep throwing that curve ball at your body and ultimately you will get where you wanna ago. -Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag, Trainer Tells.