for Love: Megan and Eric

Fit for Love: Megan and Eric

Joining new clubs paid off for Megan, who met her now-husband Eric at a local trail running group. Here's how the two hit the road together, and run over life's trails hand-in-hand.

-Here at Fitness, celebrating love is in our DNA. It's even better when a love story's weaved with a thread of fitness. That's the case for Megan and Eric but we'll let them tell the story. -Hi, Fitness. I'm Megan. -and I'm Eric. -And we've been married since October 2013 and together since last April. Ironically we met in a mutual friend's wedding. Eric was asked to record the wedding and I was singing. We actually didn't talk until I reached out to him about a show running group ten months later. -A couple of years ago I started a trail running group, it was called The Thursday Night Fun Run and about 10 to 15 people would show up and we run for about an hour, talk about racing and then we'd have a beer. -I moved back into the area to get a job at Penn State University. I was open to meeting new people and try new things such as trail running. I ran track and field at Penn State so it typically rain on roads. I never thought I'd meet my future husband on a trail running group. -So the night that she showed up was in usually large group. There's a lot of chaos, dogs are running around anticipating the run and when she came to the fence I saw her and I just have to leave. I have to go to the backyard and retreat, just take a moment to collect myself because she was so beautiful. -Our first date came shortly after that first meeting. We decided to run to and from a local dairy to get ice cream. Someone would call us crazy but for us it was really fun. -So, Megan and I would exercise after work together and I was training at that time for our 30K called the Rothrock Challenge and she was working on triathlon training and 5K training and we usually run after work, bike or swim. One of my favorite memories of that time together was on Memorial Day weekend, we went to her parent's house in Quakertown and on the way back home to State College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there was a group of Amish that were running in moonlit run, The Full Moon Run, and Scott Scott Jurek was also there, he's a famous trail runner and we spent the evening running about 9 miles with Scott Jurek and the running Amish. -Eric was competing in La Sportiva Mountain Cup Series and he decided to drive across the country. He has races in Colorado and California. I'd flew out to San Francisco in a meeting on July 23rd. We had been apart for a month, so the nerves and the excitement to get to see him was overwhelming. Our first evening together, Eric proposed to me unexpectedly. It was along the Crissy Field running path which is in San Francisco. He made me say yes twice. We got married on October 19th and had our reception in our backyard in Little Old State College. It was the same place that Eric ran away from me. We took our road bikes up to Middlebury, Vermont for our honeymoon. It's a beautiful place to ride. -So, what's next? Our next adventure is gonna be a cross-country skiing. Right now I'm teaching Megan how to cross-country skiing. It's a great activity in the winter time and hopefully, she'll learn quickly and will be able to get out west and do some head-to-head cross-country skiing in Snow Valley. -Thanks, Fitness. -For more stories on people who came together through fitness, visit powercombos.