for Love: Taylor and Jose

Fit for Love: Taylor and Jose

Boxing brought this young couple together, and they learned how to survive life's punches together—both in and out of the ring.

-Here at Fitness, we love hearing unique stories about how couples got together. Taylor and Jose have one such story so we sat down with them to find out more about that fateful meeting and how their love of boxing enhances their relationship both in and out of the ring. -Hi, Fitness Magazine. My name is Taylor. -And my name is Jose. -We met at our boxing club at our university about a year and a half ago. So we met boxing. -Yeah. We go to the University of Maryland. We practice with their team and we met through them. We at first didn't talk very much because it was pretty serious like boot camp-ish. But- -Our coach threw us in the ring together and basically said, "Have fun." And we got just-he was too cute to punch. So it was kinda, you know, set up for- -It was actually the other way around. I got punched a lot. -No. But yeah, and then, you know, we started preparing for our fights so we started running together at five o'clock in the morning, six a.m., you know, rain or shine, to make sure that we were fit enough to get in the ring with our opponents. And, yeah, he was in my corner for me when I needed another coach and- -Yeah. -It's just really about pushing each other through, you know, the hard times. Well, as far as boxing goes to, I guess, translating into our relationship, I think it helps us 'cause we push each other a lot, like in a positive way, like to always stay active and, you know, like keep your chin up, like whenever she's feeling down about like a grade or something, you know, just keep on working on it. Don't worry about it. Everything will turn out fine. You know, but we always-we always like to push each other to make sure that we're doing better. And I'm-whenever [unk] working out and say she's running four miles, I only ran three, it's kind of like, "All right, well, let me keep up with her." It's- -We usually just-I usually just do this from the treadmill, look out and one more mile to go. -Yeah. And I mean, I feel like it's the same way when it comes to anything else. It's kinda like we always-we always bring our A game, like-even when it comes to our relationship, we always wanna present out best. -To hear more about Fitness bringing other people together, visit