for Love: Claire and A.J.

Fit for Love: Claire and A.J.

Enjoy the story of how one New York City couple met through a mutual love of fitness, and strengthened their bond with their muscles!

-Here at Fitness, we're total suckers for a really good love story and this couple has got one. Claire and A.J. met through a mutual love of fitness when Claire was teaching a class and A.J. ended up being the only guy in the room. We talked to them to find out more about their love story and find out exactly why staying fit makes their relationship stronger. -So, I think because how we met. A.J. taking my class and then shortly after that we have these mutual friends that kind of-- didn't set us up but you know, they nudged us along and they introduced us hoping we would get together. So, from that point on, we're living in Seattle at that time, so we do a lot of CrossFit together, outdoor booking ups right away. I told him I'm running a Saint Pat's stash and he's like, okay. It snowed that morning and we like went out and he's like, I hate my life. -It's still raining. -Yes, it's still raining. It was casual like 3 miles. -Yeah. -But that-- because A.J. went to college with playing football. So, he'd always run, right? -Yeah. -But like not huge running. And my parents met running marathon. So, I was picking the half marathons and more in the distance running. -And we did a lot of hiking in our first year. -Uh-huh. -And we hiked all over the place, every mountain we could find in the area. -What we've so enjoyed about doing these activities together is it definitely has strengthened our bond. We just moved in together last April, my gosh, almost a year. -Uh-hmm. -But you know, it's New York. We're in a one bedroom apartment. So, communication is a key like, I'm coming behind the sink. I'm moving here. I need to pee, wanna get into the bathroom and I feel like we've kind of learn how to talk to each other as a team, like through the classes we've taken together and-- -Yeah and through the workouts we've done together too. We've done the program with our friends, with [unk] and it's workouts in our apartment and we get to encourage each other along the way every minute of every exercise and look each other in the eye and make sure that the other one's getting through it in correct form maybe perhaps. Usually she's correcting me, but that's how it works when you date an instructor. -We've been airing photos with this. It's like, oh my gosh, we ran this and we did this, it's just like fitness memories that remind us of such happy times and where we've traveled and what we've gotten to do together. -Yeah. It's like our milestone is looking back on races and hikes we've done together and although that was the best weekend or that was so much fun with all our friends doing that. -Definitely. -Yeah, more about fitness bringing other people together, visit