The Liftoff exercise works your triceps.

For this next arm sequence, we're gonna begin with our feet together in parallel, hugging those inner thighs, reaching the arms up and over the head, we're gonna bend the knees and hinge from the waist all the way forward. Bringing those weights behind the head, we're gonna exhale and extend the arms and the legs, lifting the heels to a high relevé. Up, up, up, up and we lower back down, let's flow. We take it down, we extend, then lift. Plie and lift, so we bend the knees, extend the legs. Two more and press. Let's hold this last one, hold it up here. For an extra challenge, you find that balance and we do little baby paws with the arms, bend, extend, and stretch, just a little micro-bend, full extend. Four more, and three, press for two, abs are strong. And one, release the heels and lower the arms down with control.