Race: Barre Exercises for Strong, Sexy Arms Workout

Arms Race: Barre Exercises for Strong, Sexy Arms Workout

Get chiseled ballerina arms in just 20 minutes.

Hi, my name is Andrea Rogers. I'm the founder of the Xtend Barre Workout. And we're so excited to be opening Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights. We're gonna show you some of our signature arm series so you Fitness Magazine readers can enjoy the workout at home. For this arm sequence, we're gonna open our legs to a wide second position parallel and bring the arms out to second position. Demi plie the legs, that is just to soften the knees, and we're gonna internally and externally rotate that right arm. So, we're gonna bring it in and out and in like you're swimming. And in and out and again. Nice. And you're gonna repeat that on the left side and then do both arms together. So, we go in and out and in and out. Good. In and out, hugging those abs and then both arms at the same time. You rotate internally and externally, relaxing the shoulders on the back and find that length in the spine. Two, good. And last one here. Nice work. For this next arm sequence, we're gonna begin with our feet together in parallel, hugging those inner thighs, reaching the arms up and over the head. We're gonna bend the knees and hinge from the waist all the way forward. Bringing those weights behind the head, we're gonna exhale and extend the arms and the legs, lifting the heels to a high relevé. Up, up, up, up, and we lower back down. Let's flow. We take it down. We extend and lift. Plie and lift. So, we bend the knees, extend the legs. Two more and press. Let's hold this last one. Hold it up here. For an extra challenge, you find that balance and we do little baby pulse of the arms. Bend, extend, and stretch. Just a little micro bend, full extend. Four more and three, press for two, abs are strong, and one, release the heels and lower the arms down with control. For this next arm sequence, we're gonna start with our feet slightly turned out in a first position, reaching the arms all the way up to a nice high V, relaxing the shoulders down the back. We're gonna internally rotate that left hand and bring it down to the shoulder and reach and extend it out long and we flow. In, press it out. In, press it out. Two more, in and out. Abs are strong. Switch hands now. Take it in and reach. The goal here is to find resistance as you move. So, you're using the muscles and not momentum and hold. From here, you can add an extra challenge and come up to a relevé and internally rotate both palms, in and press and reach. Again, creating that resistance and that strength and grace as you move. Two more. In and we press. Last one here, press and hold, feel that extra lift, release the heels and release the arms. For this next arm sequence, we're gonna begin in first position. So, to find your first position, rock back on your heels and open your toes, soften your knees a little and bring both arms out to the side. We're gonna bring that left palm up into the forehead and then reach and extend it out. And again, reach it up and reach it out. With resistance, in and press out. One more here, reaching in and out. Opposite arm now. Hugging in the midline with the abdominals as well, so everything focuses on the in and up of the movement. Two more, in and out and lift and press to extend that arm and release the arms and straighten the legs. For the next arm sequence, we're gonna open our legs to a wide, parallel stance, taking the arms out to the side, making a W shape with the arms. We're gonna sweep the arms in front of the body to an X and then open back out to the side and we flow. In and out. We're hugging the midline and finding resistance as we move. Two more, in and out. Now, press and hold it here. For an added bonus, we can take those arms and pulse them up. Lift, lift, squeeze, and squeeze and squeeze. Abs are engaged. Shoulders are relaxed. Two and hold and release the arms down with control. Nice work. This next move is one of my favorites. So, we're gonna bring the legs together. We're gonna take a nice deep bend in the plie in the knees, hinging the waist forward, extending out left arm forward and the right arm back. Front palm is down, back palm is up. Pulsing three times, one, two, three. Take it to the side and switch. One, two, three, extend on the side. Reach and lengthen opposition, feel that move, and side. And one, two, three, take it side, reach and extend and release the arms as you stack the spine.