Tells: Will a 30-Minute P90X3 Workout Really Be Enough?

Trainer Tells: Will a 30-Minute P90X3 Workout Really Be Enough?

Celeb trainer and P90X3 creator Tony Horton explains why you only need 30 minutes to bust out a quality workout.

-We've got a great question from Maria McCallie. She wants to say, you know what, Tony? I'm using those P90X3 workout for an hour long. Am I really get the kind of results I'm looking for in half the time? I gotta tell you, girl. Plain and simple, we had 40 people in our test group. 39 of them lost a third of their body fat. Absolutely ridiculous results. A lot of them have lost 10 points of body fat. The reason being is there's Pilates. There's yoga. There's resistance, and I really made sure that both the men and the women focused on doing the types of workouts they have never done before. This is not P90X Lite. This is brand new, brand new stuff across the board. It's going to challenge you. There'll be a little less talking for me because there's not much time because we got a whole lot to do. So, do not be afraid. Get excited because you're gonna get crazy results. -Now, if you have a question for a celebrity trainer, like Fitness Magazine n Facebook and send it in.