Tells: What's the Difference Between P90X3 and Focus T-25?

Trainer Tells: What's the Difference Between P90X3 and Focus T-25?

There are a lot of at-home workouts, but the P90X3 creator helps share his insights about P90X3's characteristics.

-Well, we have a great question from Lorie Appleton. She wants to know, other than a fine finish, what's the difference between P90X3 and T-25? Well, it's Shaun T [unk]. That's number 1. Shaun T's got his own muscle zone techniques or style, got his own ways of doing things and [unk]. You know, I've got Pilates and yoga in my program and I love pull-ups and pushups. I've also got cardio. I got mixed martial arts. I've got workouts called accelerator, decelerator, agility ex. So, what I'm trying to do is work on your weaknesses as much as your strengths and give you tons of variety and get that all lean in 30 minutes. So, it's about sequencing. It's about making sure that you're nice and consistent, of course. It's 6 days a week. So, other than the 5 minutes, you're completely done. -Now, if you have a question for a celebrity trainer, like Fitness Magazine on Facebook and send it in.