Tells: What Do I Eat Before A Workout and When Do I Have It?

Trainer Tells: What Do I Eat Before A Workout and When Do I Have It?

Celeb trainer and P90X3 creator Tony Horton reveals his favorite ways to fuel up for a workout.

-Well, Yuri Ree has a great question. She wants to know, what do I eat before workouts and how long do I eat it before I start exercising? Let me tell you. In the morning, it's super light. First thing, I just get something in my belly, maybe some whole grain toast, a little almond butter, boom! I wait 15 to 20 minutes. And then, I start exercising but, let me tell you this. If you're doing cardio, hardcore, you're gonna have to wait longer. I'm talking a full, maybe half an hour, 45 minutes before you start cranking. With weight training resistance, yeah, you know, you can eat a little bit more, take less time. But when it comes to your cardio workouts, don't eat a giant ham sandwich covered in cheese and avocado. No, don't do that. So, take your time between the cardio, less time before your weight resistance, and just experiment with it. Over the course and time, you'll figure it out. Everybody's different. -Now, if you have a question for a celebrity trainer, follow Fitness on Twitter and use the #trainertells.