Pro Lexi Thompson's Must-Do Exercises

LPGA Pro Lexi Thompson's Must-Do Exercises

What's the #1 muscle group that a good golfer should focus on? FITNESS asked 18 year-old superstar Lexi Thompson to reveal the answer!

-Hi, I'm Marla, a fashion assistant here at Fitness Magazine. -And I'm Lauren, editorial assistant at Fitness. -We sat down with LPGA Pro Lexi Thompson and we asked her what the most important muscle group for a golfer is to workout. Listen in to her answer. -It's pretty much all core. I think that's very important. With my trainer, a work a lot of core and balance and flexibility exercises. You know, I usually never just should uplift weights and, you know, get bulky muscles. It's more about flexibility and, you know, [unk] conditioning on treadmill or running or anything like that.