Makeovers: Victoria's Short Haircut

Hair Makeovers: Victoria's Short Haircut

Would you chop off your long locks? Victoria let FITNESS Magazine give her a short hair cut makeover and the results are amazing!

Hi, guys. I'm Victoria. I'm here at the Fitness photo shoot. I already got my hair waxed off. A little nervous, mainly excited. I've had long hair pretty much all of my life and I've only cut it a few times. I'm always donating my hair. So, I'm excited for a new style. I'm a young professional and I feel like this is a cut that I'd wear. Hi, guys. It's Victoria. I'm finished with my [unk] makeover. I feel amazing. Jen razored off my hair and it was absolutely insane. But I'm glad she did it that way instead of draw it back. I feel very [unk] and, now I've got places to [unk]. So, see you.