5-Minute Desk Workout

The 5-Minute Desk Workout

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 shows you how to get a quick 5-minute workout in at your desk.

Hi, Fitness Magazine readers. I'm Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3 and I develop this workout you can do right at your desks. So, let's get started in Sumo Squats. We're gonna bring our feet at 1 and 11 o'clock and then push the hips back as if you're sitting in your chair. Lift your low belly and reach your arms forward. From here we'll stand tall and push the arms behind us a little faster. So, push back and lift, push back and lift. This is a very quick, efficient, functional exercise you can do throughout your day. Just simply stand up and then sit back down using your quads here, keeping the knees over the ankles, using the glutes as you stand up. And you can really work the upper body as well just by hugging all the muscles in and resisting against gravity as you push your arms behind you. So, just four more here. Three, two, last one. Come up to your desk and we're gonna bring that leg behind us and lean the top of foot on to your chair. Your front knee will bend right over the ankle. See if you can square your hips, pull the waste in. So, if this too much on that hip flexor because you're definitely are gonna get nice and open through this thigh, you can always lean forward and dig more weight into that front heel. So, as you get more open and long and lean in that front thigh, you'll be able to get the shoulders over the hips, you're already working. This is a burner. From here we're gonna add on one in. So, you're just gonna drop down and lift. Imagine that backseat, the leg with the bent knees sitting back towards the chair behind you. This is sitting back in engagement of the basically seat. It's gonna give you that nice lift. So, we're always working to wake up the seat muscles which get weak from all of the sitting we do. That's why this is such a great workout to do during your busy day at work, at the computer or maybe pouring over your books as a student, you can stand up and do this. And now that you're doing your body good, you're clearing your mind, you're burning calories, shaping your body, it's a good, efficient Barre3 posture, one of our client's favorites. So, take it back and lift. Back and lift. Just four more here, three more, two more, last one. Hold and stand. Let's go back to our Sumo Squats. Squash it out. So bring these legs nice and right, stick to seat back, reach your arms forward and lift that. Press back and lift, press back and lift. Now, if you want, you can speed this up even faster. Heart rates coming up. This is low impact, you don't have to jump or do extreme training to get the body you want. Just use highly efficient, one of our launches at Barre3 is to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Just remember this. Maybe you can set your alarm on your phone and stand up once in a while during your work day and simply bust out a few of these. You'll be amazed at how fast your heart elevates and how fast your legs look nice and shapely and your mind clears, which we can all use during those long days at the office, long days in front of e-mail. Okay, just four more, three, two, last one. Let's work the other side. So, we're gonna come forward. Bring your other foot back, top of the foot to the chair. Bend that front knee over the ankle and scoop the belly. Square the hips, shoulders over the hips. Remember you can always lean forward if you need to or lift up as we open the front hip flexor. I love this posture because it really represents what Barre3 is all about, body balance. We're working the back of the seat, we're working the back line of the body as we open and work the front line of the body. So, perfect body balance. Front body and back body. It also is athletic. It's a lunge and graceful. So, you're getting that long lean dancers line in your body while you get challenged like an athlete. And it doesn't require any jumping. It doesn't require even wearing workout gear. You can do this in your street clothes. Shoulders on your back, pull your waste in. Just three more, two more, last one. Okay, we're gonna finish with a bang here and power leg. Bring your feet hip distance and lift your heels above the floor. So, you'll see my heels are nice and elevated. Dry your back down in imaginary wall and hold. Take a good deep breath and enjoy. I don't know if you're really enjoying this. It's sort of a love-hate for many of us, this power leg posture. Power leg gets you deep into the quads, taxes the muscles quickly similar to the feeling after a long run but quick, low impact and something you can do any day, anytime. It's the Barre3 way. Let's add a little inch. So, we'll just do ten of these and then we move on for our final stretch. You're welcome to do more than ten by all means. Just five more, four more, lift tall, let's get that nice posture. Just two more. Last one. Okay. We deserve to stretch and it's a good one to do to open up an counter the office lump. So, lift your chest, bring your hands to your chair, inhale as you do a gentle back bend, and then exhale, scoop and push it away. And sit up tall. Nice work.