5-Minute Butt Workout

The 5-Minute Butt Workout

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 shares her moves for a fast, quick 5-minute butt workout.

Hi, I'm Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3. And I developed this great seat and hip shaping workout for you at Fitness Magazine. So, I'm gonna start on all cores, bring your hands under your shoulders and your knees right under your hips. Lift your lower belly and extend your left leg straight back behind you, point the toe and then your lift hip point just a little higher than your right. Go ahead and engage to that whole leg starting at the base of the seat. From here we're gonna widen the shoulders and pull them out of the ears. Lift the ribs, pull the waist in and find your good isometric concoction. We'll lift up the leg just a little and then lower it down. Little lift and lower. Little lift and lower. So, you should notice right away that this is basically like cling pose. We're rooting through the hands, we're stabilizing through that supporting shin and we're engaging the back leg as we lengthen it. So, not only are you getting that amazing shape and muscle tone in your body, you're also getting long, lean lines. You're getting length. Keep pointing the toe and keep reaching the leg back as you lift the lower belly. Rooting through the hands as an option. You can bring one hand behind you and work your balance toe just a little deeper. There's always ways, intimate ways to go deeper at Barre3 and most of them are small subtle actions in the body. So, see if you can engage right through the base of the seat to lift your leg. See if you can lift your lower belly a little more and by try lengthening your spine. We're gonna hold right here for one good deep breath and then come on to our sides for a diamond pose. Bring your elbow right under your shoulder and lift your chest. Square your hips. Pull your waist in and lift the top knee. Option to also lift bottom shin and hold. So, bring your hand right onto the side of the seat, that's gonna help you connect with the outer edge of the seat, the gluteus medius, and we're gonna lower that knee down towards the bottom knee and then right back up. Here we go, we get down and lift. Down and lift. So, the key here is to keep your hips stocked and stable while you rotate right at the hip socket. The ball and socket joint there where the femur bone is in the hip, it's meant to move this way, but we don't move this way very often. The more you move this way the more mobility you'll get in your hips, the freer you'll be in your spine. So, it's great for your body, it's functional. Added bonus, this will help you look great. This is a great way to shape and lift the seat and really tone the hips. So, keep pulling the waist in and pushing through that supporting elbow. You want to keep a nice long dancer's neck. Tendency is to start to slump as we continue with these many, many reps. To see if you can get out the slump mode, by pushing that elbow, lifting that toe and finding your graceful self here. So, this really is challenging but you should also feel graceful. Just three more here, two, last one nice work, let's switch sides. So, we're gonna come on to all fours, bring your hands right under your shoulders, and your knees under your hips, extend the right leg and hold. Root through your hands, pull your lower belly in and lift your right hip just a little bit higher than your left. As you do that you're gonna find the side of the seat turn on and that's what we want, we want to really engage those glut muscles as we lift the leg a little and then lower it. Lift and lower. As you lift, can you reach the crown of the head one direction and your elbow on the other. So, you're finding that length in your body as we straight in. It's always the goal at Barre3, to build strength in a very graceful fluid way. So, as you breath, think about that. Think about finding ease in your body as you work at a very challenging level. We're working smarter not necessarily harder. This really is highly effective. Remember this, on days when you don't have enough time to do more, this can really get your whole body warm, your whole body toned in a very short period of time which I know you're discovering as we lift just for more. Three more. Two more. Last one, hold, reach and release, and turn to the side for diamonds. Bring your elbow right under your shoulder, lift that toe, lift that top knee and your bottom shin, and here we go. Drop the knee and lift. Drop and lift. So, try not to move with your knee. See if you can root through your foundation, lift that toe and be steady in your physique as you open up and isolate through the hip. Bring your hand against the side of the seat that will establish a better mind and body connection and it will help you go deeper. There are intimate ways to go deep at Barre3. Your practice can keep growing and growing as you find all those subtleties in your body as your work those little actions in your body. Scooping the lower belly, widening the shoulders, lifting up through the ribcage and opening up through the hip. If you need to you can sit your shin down and do this here too. So, we're always finding ways to make these your own. You decide where you feel challenged yet graceful. Okay. Keep this going. Just three more. Two more. Last one and we're done. Thank you for joining me for that quick efficient seat and hip workout.