5-Minute Abs Workout

The 5-Minute Abs Workout

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 shares her moves for a fast, quick 5-minute ab workout.

Hi, Fitness Magazine readers. I am Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, and I am happy to share with you my three signature core moves using the barre3 core ball. So, if you don't have a squishy ball like this, a rolled up towel will do. We're gonna start in the upright core, working our obliques. Extend your legs straight and point your toes, bringing the core ball right under your sacrum so you can sit tall. Root your thigh bones down and lift up through the crown of the head, reach your arms forward. And we'll move into our twist. So, we're gonna pull in upper back as you lean back into the ball and scoop the lower belly in and then rebound in with up and switch sides and lift up. And we'll keep that going. So, take it side, this side. This is a great way to get your twists in while improving your posture. So, we're rooting the sit bones down and lifting up through the crown of the head. Your ribcage wheel is spiraling over nice stable hips. So, if you feel like your legs are starting to move side to side, see if you can root your thigh bones down again, reset nice and tall and keep it going. So, the stronger your foundation is, your sit bones, the deeper your twist will be and the deeper your twist is, the better it will be for your body. You're working your body from the inside out, recruiting fluidity in the spine and massaging your organs and detoxing the body while we whittle away the waistline and work the obliques. So, use that ball to get deeper. Pull the navel back towards the ball as you lean back and resist with your arms, so you're getting a good upper body workout as well. We're big on multitasking that barre3. See if you can breathe a little deeper. We tend to hold our breath when we're doing core work. Just four more. Three, two, last one, come up nice and tall and we're going to barre3 crunches. So, we're gonna roll that ball right under the shoulder blades. Put your hands behind your head and scoop your tailbone up as you sink your belly button down to the floor. Hold right here, lift up just a little bit higher and disappear the ribs down. From here, we're going to an extension. So, we're gonna open the chest halfway over the ball and hold. Draw the navel back down and then curl forward into your crunch and then right back over the ball and just keep that going. So, we're working the body and perfect body balance. We're meeting our crunch forward flexion with a resisted extension in the spine, so you're working that front body and the back body all in one. So, breathe into this. See if you can curl your tailbone in throughout the waist down. This is a deep highly effective way to work your core. Just four more. Open up over the ball. Three more. This is a client favorite because it works quickly to fatigue the inner core muscles. Last one, hold your crunch, maybe reach your arms up, pull the waist in, and we'll move on to incline core. So, take that ball out from underneath you, lie down, lift the hips up and place the ball under the sacrum. Lift your tailbone slightly, pull your waist down towards the ball, and bring your hands into a V. One foot at a time, lift your knees up into tabletop and then lift your tailbone and scoop your bellybutton. From here, we're gonna reach one leg long, pull it back, and then the other. Now, as you reach, see if you can push your navel down towards the floor, flattening the lower abdominals as we lengthen the leg. We're working the transverse abdominals which act like a corset in the body, wrapping around the midsection. So, lengthen as you strengthen your body. Reach the leg and pull it back. Reach the leg and pull it back. If you wanna work balance, you can bring your forearms up or maybe your arms all the way up off the ground. You might wobble just a little bit here, that's a good thing. That's your body coming in and how to balance and that means you're working those core stability muscles that we need in everyday life. This is functional training and it's highly effective. You should feel a sense of ease in your upper body. You should feel a sense of ease in your low back, but a real fiery heat in the core which is our goal. You don't need to have any neck tension or low back issues to get amazing, strong, sexy waistline. So, keep reaching as you lengthen, pull the navel in. Just four more. Three more. Two more. Last one, reach and pull both knees into your chest. Place your feet flat on the floor, lift your hips, take the ball out from underneath you and then roll to seated. Bring that ball on your sacrum for a little support, sit up nice and tall, and inhale reach and exhale to your heart's center. Good job.