Lead Now Tour Location #5

China: Lead Now Tour Location #5

Professional rock climber Paige Claassen gets acclimated with a local Chinese climber, Xiao Ting. Paige then attempts to climb China Climb, a "super painful" climb. Can she do it?

-You're waking up in Yangshuo, China. The Karsts are clear this morning. Look out the window. Pollution is low today. Rise and shine. This could be your day to see a family of nine on one scooter. Let's go climbing. -We're now five months in [unk] and we're climbing in Yangshuo, China on these crazy lime zone formations called Karst. This whole landscape used to be underwater in an ocean, so these karsts are just seashells and sea animals piled on top of each other and press together. When we plan to come to China, I expected it to be really dirty, really polluted and really bad food for a month. And in reality, it is pretty dirty, but police guys here and there's actually really good food to eat. We've been seeing all of these really wild things all around the world, but I'm definitely missing home too at this point. I really missed the people and most my parents, my friends, my brother, and I'm learning that to maintain motivation, I have to make new friends everywhere we go. -My name is Sal Ting, but they call me Ting. I've been living in Yangshuo for seven years. I like the lifestyle here. I like the climb here. Once I come with other female, I've been inspired so I can climb harder and I gain more confidence and I [unk] -She is the only girl find it harder in Yangshuo because the other girl is doing fine. So far, she is the strongest girl in Yangshuo, I guess. -We come late in the morning because this is their lifestyle. I feel easy until I didn't go when I climb too high or too intense just now I feel like climbing. -It's fun to be around Ting and to have another girl in the crowd that I can laugh with and share motivation with because that's what I really miss from being around my friends at home. It's hard to be far away knowing that the people I love are struggling back home. They're dealing with all of these issues regarding the flood that hit Colorado back in September and I think that the best way that I can help is by raising money to support local organizations like Focus United Way. We are helping my friends and my family back home in Colorado. The purpose of this now is to use climbing and climbing media to push eyes on to a greater cause. So my hope is that the harder I climb, the more we'll become interested and want to support, which is basically the climbing community back in Colorado who needs help right now. -I think [unk] is one of the most beautiful crack in China. We have some awesome roots here. -It is the best wall in Yangshuo. Most of the lines here it's from 13A to 14B. -China climb is a few really big moves through under claims into a racer crimp cranks that is super painful and you just have to really want it because it hurts so much. -There's a couple of big moves to the small crimp. Definitely, it's no good to go to the-- -You can't really rely on technique at all. You kind of just have the power through it. -I have to see that if you know it's-- She's the first to go. -It feels good not to grab that [unk]. -I think China is one of those places that Westerners see as kind of uncomfortable, but continue to bond really made it feel like home. -Yeah, I travel all the wall and if you went through the city, no one can help you. No one say hi to you. No one's smiling to you. There's only thing-- In Yangshuo everyday, you will see a friend passes and say hi and you know everybody. -Once you have more people come in, which is keeping telling you how cool it is and you just keeping remind you some. Oh, I'm so lucky. -I'm loving traveling and I'm looking forward to the next few months with adventure, but I am eager to return home to lend support and what we'll be an ongoing effort to help rebuild Colorado. You can support federally [unk] by donating online at Help us put Colorado back together. -Your stay in Yangshuo is over. Come back soon. There are many more looks to explore. Set your alarm for 8:00 a.m. We're doing it all over again tomorrow except at this time in India.