Body Plan 2014: Head-to-Toner Routine

Better Body Plan 2014: Head-to-Toner Routine

Circuit-style exercises that require higher reps to challenge your muscles and a fast-paced tempo so you melt more calories.

Hi, I'm your trainer Sylwia Wiesenberg from Tonique Fitness and I created this unique workout for fitness magazine readers to enjoy this fitness journey. So hope you enjoy it and have fun with it. For this move, let's go down to the deep squat and wide squat. Now bring your legs to the back, extend that plank, bring them up to squat and extend your arms. So let's do it together. Arms straight, feet stay apart, bring your legs to the very top and squeeze, squeeze that butt. So let's do it, and up. So in this move I need you to use your quads and your hamstrings, stay low, stay focused, stomach in, go down, extend your arm, and extend your leg to the side, and diagonal cross and push. In this move, stay focused, stomach in and lift you leg as high as possible. So let's do it. We go down, lift, squat, down to lunge and lift, push. This move, keep your stomach in and stay low, engage your whole body and stay low and bring your leg around and push. Make sure you rotate your arms and shoulders and push, out. Okay, in this move I want you to stay as low as you can. Again use your quads, your hamstring and feel the beautiful back. Extend your arms to the side and fully extend that arms, stay low. In this move, I want you to [unk] your feet in the letter C so your heel goes to your toes, your knees go out towards your shoulders and then you extend your legs fully. You feel the stretch but at the same time you work your back. So let's feel it and let's go down. If you can go as deep as possible, that's the way we want to do. Push and out. For this move, [unk] crunch in the area. So let's go down in lunch and bring out your leg and go down. Make sure the knee is away from your body, and lift. Extend your arms fully to the side. Stay strong.