Tough: Total-Body TRX Workout

Hang Tough: Total-Body TRX Workout

Turn up the toning of your body-weight exercises with a TRX suspension strap. This total-body routine helps you sculpt every major muscle.

Hi. My name is Marianna Biribin. I'm an instructor at Exceed Physical Culture in New York City, where we use a lot of TRX in our summit workout. And I have designed the TRX Express workout exclusively for Fitness Magazine. This one, I'm gonna call the Y-Flye Back Row. As the name indicates, your working the back of your body here. You're gonna allow your body to-- your arms to outstretch. Pull yourself up, keeping your arms straight into a Y, here. Return to the original position and then as you turn your wrist, squeeze the shoulder blades together and with your chest up. Together, it looks like this. This movement, the Atomic Pike, starts from the basic plank position. Keeping your wrist right underneath your shoulders, with your chest in between your shoulders, lift your knees keeping them in the TRX straps. Lift your hips up towards the ceiling, taking belly, butt, the spine, you squeeze the abdominals. And then you will, then lower back plank position. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed here, away from your ears. The Pendulum movement starts from plank position. You want to lift your knees, keeping even pressure in the straps. Bring your knees to your elbow. Allow them to swing around to the opposite elbow, creating a pendulum-like swing here. The harder you swing, the more you engage your core. We're going to take the traditional Burpee and make it just a little bit more challenging. We'll turn it into a Single-Leg Burpee. I've got my back foot in the TRX strap. I'm using one here, if you want a little more support, you could double the strap up. Coming down into your hands, jump back. Keep the foot elevated. Just below to the ground for the push-up. Bring the foot back, and return to standing. This movement is called the LimBo. You're gonna start facing the TRX with your feet parallel. Holding loosely with one arm, you're gonna let your body weight drop back, reaching for the ground over there. With one arm, you're gonna pull the oblique in towards your side and grab the TRX. So quickly, it looks like this. Right here, keep those abs strong. Give a little extra squeeze from the gluts there, right from your butt. This movement is called the Pistol Squat, which works here on hamstrings and gluts. You wanna keep a nice, light grip on the TRX here. Keep one leg up. Come as close to the ground as possible and then push through the heels and come right back up. Alternate your legs on this one. Try not to use the upper body. Nice, light grip on the TRX. No death grip on this one.