to a Sexy Back Workout

Shortcut to a Sexy Back Workout

A ballet-inspired resistance band workout that scorches calories, cinches your waist and tones your trouble zones in 20 minutes flat.

Hi I'm Tracy Anderson and I've created a special work out for a fitness magazine. You're gonna slightly raise the opposite arm and opposite leg. Lift them up as high as you can creating a nice contraction through your back. You can actually dip in your back and raise up on both sides and then you're gonna drop down and lift up, down, up, down, up, down, up. You can do up to 40 of these repetitions on each side. For the next move, you're going to use you three pad ways. You're gonna cross your arm across you chest and pull it back behind you in a bent position. This has a nice flow to it, like this. You can do up to 30 of this on each side, cross and pull. For the next move, you're gonna use you three pad ways, were gonna cross them in front of us, hold back, cross up, return down and cross the other arm on top. For the next move, I want you take a towel or you can take a t-shirt and just twist it together and you're gonna actually pull, pull it apart okay so that creates a contraction. You're gonna take your hands behind you back, raise them up to the ceiling, keeping the arm straight, come down to the ground and lift your right leg up, bring it back, reach and back. So there is gonna be lot of momentum happening here like up, drop immediately lift. Kick, drop, lift, reach, kick and you can do up to 40 of this on each side. We're gonna start with the weight up above our head, we're gonna slightly lift your same arm and leg and you're gonna pull you arm, back into your hip as you lift up [unk], just like that. Keep your upper body nice and straight. If you need a chair to help you balance for this move, that's completely fine. For the next move, you're gonna get into push up position but I want you to take one leg and twist it down to where you're completely sitting on your hip. You're going to use your upper body to lift up and extend the leg out to the side. I don't want it too high because I wanted you to feel through your abs. So drop and lift, drop and lift. You can repeat up to 15-30 of this on each side depending on your ability to keep proper form.